Tips for Customers

Customers purchased curtain from Curtain City Limited, we would sew an specific label on the curtains. Customers may contact us for curtains cleansing , which Curtain City Limited would pick the curtains and deliver the laundry for cleansing, and we would charge the curtain cleansing service at the lowest prices form
HK$ 300 up, which depended on  the number of curtains of the customers provided.

Process(7-10 Days)

Step 1

Purchased Curtains from Curtain City Limited

Step 2

Quotation from 2333 7187 about Maintenance

Step 3

Make Appointment,

Visit and Receive the Curtains

Step 4

Maintenance, Cleansing,

Ironing, Reform the Curtains

Step 5

Contact the Customer

Send the Curtains back with Packing

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