How to delivery Curtains ??
Sending curtains to your home is very popular in foreign countries. There is no need for “installation fees”. The curtains have been set according to the general residential window position. Simply order online, you can send it in 72 hours, it is simple and convenient, you don’t need to order in China, and you don’t need to install it.

How to choose and how many sets.

1 package curtain size: 30X104 inches

For example: your curtain position is W horizontal 80 inches, H straight 104 inches
Buy: Must buy 3 packs X30 inches = $298X3 packs Total $894
If you want to modify the service: $50X3 per package = $150
(Modify select double open / single open) Please fill in the form when ordering
Note: If you want to modify, please fill in the “Modify Service” form and send it out.
If you need to modify it, you need to add one or two extra working days.

$300 fabric curtain pair
Equipped with blackout cloth, affordable, more flowers, DIY installation.
[decoration DIY] non-toxic blackout curtains

How to order? $50 yuan short.
Online payment, we will reply to confirm the order within 12 hours. If you want to change the length, please indicate the order, only $50.
On the next day, the staff will call to check the information and deliver the goods to the office 48 hours after confirmation.

Fengshui window can be changed every year.

Before we understand the color of the living room curtains, let’s first learn about the curtains. Curtains are an important part of the living room, so the color scheme of the curtains is the same for the living room.Body decoration effects have a crucial impact. The style of the curtains can be described as a variety of colors, the color is dazzling, buy curtains of so many colors, how to choose, different.What is the meaning of the color? Let me introduce the color of the living room curtains and the feng shui taboo of the living room curtains.

What color is good for curtains – living room
What color is good for curtains?
First, white curtains
White gives a clean, clean and generous feeling. White curtains are indeed one of the most popular curtains.
Living room curtain color feng shui

1.Curtains and walls, furniture to avoid similar tones, the wall is yellow, the curtains are beige, apricot yellow; pale lake color wall, the use of green curtains, uniform color, giving people a feeling of cold.
2.The dark north facing room, suitable for neutral cold color; choose hanging red or yellow curtains, adjust the glare into a soft astigmatism, coordinate yin and yang.
3.As much as possible without pink, quarrels must happen often.
4.Curtains and the ground to avoid red and green, green and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple color matching.
5.Curtains appear new, alternative patterns, meaning unlucky in the wind and water. For example, weird and ferocious animals, etc., it is best to avoid, especially in the elderly and children’s rooms.

Numerology trend wood
Choose green, wooden curtains

Numerology trend fire
Choose red, purple, rayon curtains

Numerology trend soil
Choose a yellow, khaki series of Luo Horse curtains.

Numerology trend gold
Choose white metal curtains.

Numerology trend water
Blue and black water curtains.

*Feng Shui is an individual opinion. All the information related to Feng Shui in the above article is for reference only and does not represent the position of the company.

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